by Sanys / Sequent



Sanys delivers another killer techno release on Downfall Theory 05. Slowly and without hype, the Russian producer has gained the interest and respect of those around the globe who crave pure-sounding dance floor techno - and the fifth release on his label delivers this effortlessly.

It kicks off with “Manipulated”, a jacking track that comes coated in a wall of steel drums and acrid acid lines. The climax comes when Sanys introduces hoover riffs that sound like they were borrowed from Frankfurt’s early 90s hard techno sound. “Survival” isn’t as full on, but it pulses darkly, with an insane bassline and ticking percussion providing the backdrop for an eerie chord sequence. Meanwhile, on “Tied Up”, Sanys continues his exploration of the dubby sounds that he touched on the previous Downfall Theory release. Rolling to the sound of a dense, stepping rhythm, ominous chords well up like black waves churning on a stormy sea. This fifth instalment is unusual because it features a track from another artist, Sequent, who had put out music on Sanys’ other label, Etiku World. ‘Wriezen’ brings a mysterious feeling to the release, with ghostly synths swirling in over a grainy bass. But the final word is left up to Sanys. Like “Tied Up”, the groove on “AFC” is more stepping than straight. Added to this assured swagger is an acidic undercurrent and humming bassline that make for another no-nonsense take on contemporary techno. Limited to 300 copies, expect five to become an object of desire for all real techno lovers!


released August 26, 2013



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Sanys Saint Petersburg, Russia

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